Trauma Integrating Flow Therapy

Whom is Tift for?

For psychotherapists looking for an elegant holistic and structured process for resolving the client’s condition, in sync with neuroaffective precepts.

For psychotherapists working with clients with complex symptoms, syndromes, addictions, preverbal trauma, attachment, and developmental trauma etc.

For psychotherapists looking for an additional systemic approach: Tift offers Tift-Sys for a systemic family approach and a Tift-Duo for a couple’s variant.

The missing element

For psychotherapists looking for the "missing element" in trauma therapy, joining the structured approach with the felt inner sense and the implicit understanding of the client.

The unifying perspective

For psychotherapists looking for a unifying perspective for fragmented systems and for a complementary approach to working with parts.

The movement and flow

For psychotherapists being stymied by ongoing out-of-the-window of tolerance states of their clients or battling with "stuck" systems.

For psychotherapists interested in restoring movement and flow, inter- and intrapersonally.

The space of being

For psychotherapists wishing to share an inner space of being with the client amidst the constant survival battle of a complex trauma, from the first session onwards.

The different way to look at dissociation

For psychotherapists looking for a new way to integrate dissociation, protectors, non-integrated elements, maladaptive relational strategies in accordance with the system’s own rhythm.

For psychotherapists at a loss with clients who cannot connect to neither body, emotions, mind or who have given up hope.

The inherent qualities as a motor

For psychotherapists working with the inherent self-organising capacity of the client, given the right support and context.