Trauma Integrating Flow Therapy

Who are we?

Dr Anandi Janner Steffan

Dr Anandi Janner Steffan:

“My life is not smooth …, but looking back, it has followed a hidden sense and inherent coherence, and now, looking back, I thank life that it has led me the straightest path to what is essential to me” (B. Mandelbrot, The Fractalist)

Specifically, I moved from being a molecular biologist and a meditator, to teaching Aikido and being a parent, to becoming a trauma therapist in 1995, always looking for an inclusive understanding and treatment of the client as a person.

Brief psychodynamic focused therapy, Family therapy, Holding and Family Constellation were part of my training and therapy model. To enlarge and refine my view, I studied for ex. with P. Levine, E. Nijenhuis, L. Reddemann, St. Porges.

I discovered P. Pace’s Lifespan Integration® in 2011 and have been an LI teacher and consultant until mid-2021 for 8 years. P. Pace’s model further inspired my own creativity. Being a LI teacher, supervisor, and therapist for several European countries, offered me a wide range of experience in the field of complex trauma, for which I am grateful.

Over the past 8 years I developed a psychobiological model, structural tools, additional protocols, and further adaptations for complex trauma treatment, which have since been adopted by Lifespan Integration®. Since summer 2021, Tift has emerged as an independent therapy. This is what I call a “win-win” situation for both Tift and Lifespan Integration®.

Tift is the fruit of my integral professional experience => read more CV…


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