Trauma Integrating Flow Therapy

Basic Tift® Training

The format chosen for this basic training - consisting of three days in-person classes and two additional online half days - allows theory and practice to be combined in face-to-face classes. The effects of the "Tift principles" are reviewed through joint practical exercises and role plays, and the sensory perception of the encounter with the client. Developing this sensory intelligence is an essential element of this new approach.

The online days will cover the concrete implementation of Tift in your practice, as well as other aspects of the client's survival structure (the "Plus").

The elements listed under "Content of the training" are already partly known to certain therapists. This basic training is designed to understand the underlying coherence of the whole healing process in order to protect the client and promote transformation.

We will deal with the traumatic initial injury of the "missed encounter " of primary attachment as main obstacle present in the client’s system. We will learn how to deal with it in a nurturing and healing way in the course of the client’s therapy. The highlights of the training are:

  • "The first steps into the unknown system of the client".
  • "Decoding the client's QR code".
  • "Recognising and touching the meeting point"
  • "The goal beyond trauma as a first movement".
  • "Working in the client's comfort zone and trusting this concept".
  • "Recognising and dealing with the client's experienced void".
  • "To distinguish the red and the green wing of the butterfly effect".
  • " Surfing the green wing of the butterfly effect".

The training offers structured tools for the right brain, and also practical explorations with the "eyes of the heart" for the left brain.

Trainer: Dr Anandi Janner Steffan

Format: 3 days in person and 2 half days online

Dates: to be announced, not before 2026

Location: Bremen (Germany)

Maximum number of participants: 15

Minimum number of participants: 8

Language: English


  • Practice as a psychotherapist or psychiatrist
  • Experience working with traumatized clients
  • Participation in all days (mandatory)

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