Trauma Integrating Flow Therapy

Attachment training focused on how this plays out in our session rooms

Purpose of training

  • To be able to determine the type of attachment in clients (adult or child) based on symptoms, narrative and relationship dynamics, supported by adequate tests
  • To understand the impact of our own attachment on the therapist-client interaction and on the therapy process
  • To know how to adapt the relational distance accordingly and to avoid foreseeable pitfalls


  • Attachment theory from Bowlby to the present day
  • The link between trauma, attachment and brain development
  • The aftermath of dysfunctional attachment
  • Characteristics of secure attachment
  • ANS states and specific movements linked to the attachment types
  • The ability to deal with difficult emotions and stress
  • The therapeutic dyad reactivates the original attachment pattern
  • Be familiar with several attachment assessment questionnaires
  • Identify the type of attachment from the patient's dialogue, symptoms and history
  • Know how to manage the therapeutic relationship according to the type of attachment of the client and the therapist

The methods used

  • Theory, case study, role play, video and discussion

Trainer: Dr A. Janner Steffan

Location: online using Zoom; good WiFi connection and headphones required

Duration: the training consists of 4 modules of 3h45 each

Prerequisites: Practical experience as a therapist

Maximum number of participants: 21

Minimum number of participants: 7

Price: 450,- Euro, payment in 2 installments

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